Gift Ideas Any Plant Lover Will Appreciate

by Kate Hogan 02/06/2022

If you have a gardener or plant lover on your gift list, there are plenty of things you can get them they’ll not only love but use. Practical gifts might seem boring, but to those with a hobby like plant care the right tools can make all the difference. Here are some ideas for gifts to get for the plant lovers in your life.

Pots (With Drainage)

The go-to gift idea for any plant lover is a fun pot or planter. However, one major detail many gift-givers forget is to check the pot for drainage holes. Plants need somewhere for extra moisture to go so their roots don’t sit in water at the bottom of the pot. Drainage holes prevent this by letting the extra water flow out. Unfortunately, the vast majority of beautiful pots on the market do not have drainage, so a pot with drainage is a gift any plant enthusiast will love and appreciate.

Mini Humidifier

For a more expensive option, you could opt for a small humidifier as a gift to somebody with lots of indoor plants. Many popular houseplants are tropical and require higher levels of humidity than the average home naturally has. Humidifiers placed in the same room with tropical plants help keep them healthy and moist even in extremely dry climates. A small humidifier makes an excellent gift for any fan of tropical plants.

Decorative Trellises

Many popular houseplants like to climb and need moss poles or trellises to support them. This presents a wonderful gift idea in the form of miniature trellises that can double as decoration. These small trellises, typically made of metal wire or 3D-printed material, come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes to fit every plant lover’s fancy. Opt for complex designs or for simple shapes like circles or hearts. Even if the plant doesn’t need one, they add decorative flair and interest when added to a potted plant.

More Plants!

You can never go wrong with buying a plant lover more plants. One way to start is to find out if they have a “wishlist” plant they have been searching for and to purchase one for them as a gift. Another idea is to see if there are any particular types of plants they have a lot of, such as pothos or monstera, and adding another member to their family based on variety. Pairing a plant with a decorative pot is a wonderful gift they will appreciate, no matter the size.

Many hobbies and lifestyles can be difficult to buy gifts for when you have an outside perspective. Luckily, plant enthusiasts are relatively simple to buy for especially when you go for practical gifts. Try any of the above ideas the next time you need to get something special for the plant lovers in your life.

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