Tips & tools for placing furniture in your home

by Kate Hogan 04/11/2022

While placing furniture in your home might seem easy for certain rooms, it can be challenging for others. If you'd like to avoid the time-consuming process of moving furniture around repeatedly to find the right design, you might benefit from virtual home decorator tools to help. Here are some tools and tips for finding the best places for furniture in any room:

Create floor plans

Luckily, you don't need a degree in design to create an effective floor plan. Even a simple sketch of the room from above can help you visualize where furniture should go before moving it. However, when measurements matter, there are more accurate approaches you can consider as well. There are multiple free and paid software applications you can use to create a floor plan with exact scale.

With these tools, you can input the dimensions of your existing furniture and apply them to a grid of the space. By dragging-and-dropping them into place, you can determine where each piece will fit best in the room. Some options even let you purchase new furniture directly through the app if you happen to find something in the perfect size or shape.

Try AR & VR technology

One of the most useful advancements in modern interior design is augmented reality, or AR technology. With AR, you can apply virtual changes to an existing space. For example, an AR interior design app will allow you to take a photo of a room and then edit it realistically. You can preview wallpaper, paint colors, furniture and even entire remodeling plans using AR technology.

Virtual reality, or VR, is similar but works from an entirely imagined concept rather than your existing room. VR is perfect for planning a brand-new home design or when starting from scratch with an empty room. You can use VR apps to build an interior space to your specifications and even explore it virtually in real-time.

No matter how you choose to place your furniture, planning your design in advance will always yield the best--and most efficient--results.

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